Cybersecurity Uptades | COVID -19

The new virus has significantly reduced the pace of business and the flow of people through protective isolation actions, including home office, when individuals work from home. Apparently, malicious attackers have taken advantage of the panic situation and changes in the way we work to perform cyber-attacks. Read more

Thinking about the current events, we have prepared a special edition of the webinar to show how you can guarantee your company's cybersecurity in the midst of this crisis, while we all fight against the spread of this virus. Click here

Marcus Scharra, CEO of senhasegura, wrote an article about Covid-19 threats in information technology and cybersecurity with remote work. Click here and learn more.

The CNCS leaves warned of four cyber attacks that have been observed since the beginning of 2020 and that are associated with the theme of COVID-19. Read more.

Our Positioning

We know that the security of some organizations around the world depends on the senhasegura platform. And the trust you place in us is something we take very seriously.

This release is to ensure that, as of this moment, despite the restrictions caused by Coronavírus - COVID 19, we will maintain our capacity to provide senhasegura to our clients anywhere in the world. 

We develop thoughtful procedures to respond to emergencies and maintain business continuity. Our platform infrastructure has integrated redundancy to continue to keep our services up and running. In addition, our technical support specialists will continue to be available 24/7.

In order to ensure the health and security of our employees and clients, which are our main priority, we invest in a technology infrastructure that allows our team to work in a secure and effective way from home or anywhere in the world. This, however, will not reduce our operations. All areas will remain fully operational and will be able to perform their work remotely, as needed.

Also, our cybersecurity team is monitoring any changes to cyber threats. Some phishing attacks using Coronavirus as an appeal have been detected, but we have not seen any significant increases in attack traffic or new threats.

At times like these, transparent communication is a must. Do not hesitate to contact us about how we can support your crisis needs. We are here to support you and will maintain open communications with all clients, partners, and employees. 

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Be safe and count on us